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A JVC Tour Expert Tourism Consultancy

Its a company offering specialized services in technical consultancy, logistic planning and tourism management, with traveling solutions, leisure tours and events organization.

The company target is to grant quality attendance to our clients and to satisfy their specific needs; JVC Tour Expert operates in a professional and innovating manner, investing in partnerships and offering exclusive services to our clients.

In addition to personalized assistance, our proposal is to optimize all the processes involved, minimizing the costs of trips and programs.

For such purpose, JVC Tour Expert offers an efficient structure, so that companies and clients in general have guaranteed the fulfillment of our trips and leisure policies.


To plan actions to render touristic services, such as:
- Assistance and Consultancy in corporate and leisure trips
- Perform services quick and efficiently
- Develop and qualify products and services
- Represent companies in the tourism market
- Promote market areas and products bearing touristic interest


Our mission is to offer exclusive services and innovating solutions to guarantee excellence in attendance of our clients in corporate and leisure trips and in the organization of events.
Our differential is the specialization in the tourism segment. This allows the offer of professional assistance, gathering not only theoretical experience, but also the practice of a company well familiarized with the peculiarities of the sector.